Play and show what you like

Boomash thinks that image battles are a cool way to discover new things and show what you like. We call these battles Mashes!


Let your soulmate and great teammates find you!

Boomash compares the winners of the battles you have played with those of other users and creates an Affinity Rate. If it's greater then 50% you can chat!


Happy story for everyone!

  • Discover cool things
  • Meet people like you
  • Find your soulmate!
  • Engage people
  • Improve your authority
  • Earn commissions!
Makers and Brands
  • Improve awareness
  • Engage your followers
  • Sell more!

We love your questions

What is Boomash?

Elevator pitch: Boomash is Tinderest! In other words, Boomash is a playful way to show the things you like and meet people like you. Probably it’s the best way to find your soulmate or your alter ego.

How does it work?

You play image battles (Mashes) on Boomash. Each Mash ends with your winning image. Every time you have a winner in common with another person your mutual affinity grows. Keep playing, it’s free!

How can I message other people?

Boomash allows you to chat with another person only when your mutual affinity is over 50%. Go to his or her profile and check the affinity rate ticker and whether the chat button is active.

Can I publish a Mash?

At the moment only our editorial partners and some premium members are allowed to create public Mashes. Every registered user can create unlimited private Mashes and invite another person to play. These private Mashes are not visible to the public on Boomash.

What opportunities for Brands?

Boomash is a powerful new channel both for established and emerging brands. The images you post on Boomash will be the stars of popular or niche Mashes backing affinities between persons. That’s an amazing opportunity to engage your audience and drive traffic to your website. Dedicated sponsorships and premium Mashes are also available for brands upon request.

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