No matter how weird you are there is always someone like you!

Boomash thinks that image battles are a cool way to discover new things and show what you like. We call these battles Mashes!


Let your soulmate find you

Boomash compares the winners of the battles you have played with those of other users and creates an Affinity Rate. If it's greater then 50% you can chat!


Happy story for everyone!

  • Discover cool things
  • Meet people like you
  • Find your soulmate!
  • Engage people
  • Improve your authority
  • Earn commissions!
Makers and Brands
  • Improve awareness
  • Engage your followers
  • Sell more!

We love your questions

What is Boomash?

Elevator pitch: Boomash is Tinderest! In other words, Boomash is a playful way to show the things you like, compare your tastes with friends and meet like-minded people. Probably it’s the best way to find a soulmate and great teammates.

How does it work?

On Boomash you play crowdsourced Polls (Mashes) to rank things up, measure Affinity and access Chats. Each Mash ends with your fave winning option. You may invite your friends to play a Mash and compare your winners (tastes). Every time you have a winner in common with another person your mutual Affinity grows. Boomash shows you new matches when affinity is greater than 30%.

How can I message other people?

Boomash allows you to Chat with another person when your mutual Affinity is at least 50%. Go to his or her profile and check the Affinity rate ticker and whether the Chat button is active. Feel free to use your Karma points for a chance to Chat when Affinity is lower than 50%.

How can I monetize my Polls?

All Public Mashes (Polls) have a donate button and the most popular are featured in the donation widgets. By donating to Poll creators, Boomashers earn instant Karma points which they can use for extra features such as unlocking a Chat when mutual Affinity is less than 50%.

Can I create a Public Mash?

Only our editorial partners and Premium Creators are allowed to create Public Mashes and get donations. Every registered user can create unlimited Private Mashes and invite another person to play. These Private Mashes are not visible to the public on Boomash.

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