The Queen's Gambit Illustrations

The Netflix miniseries "The Queen's Gambit" is based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis and tells the adventures of a young orphan with an inordinate talent for the game of chess. Her adventures are a succession of ups and downs, with a script that follows the evolution of the career and character of little Beth Harmon and her becoming a woman in a world of men. Among all the characterizations that the actress Anya Taylor-Joy has been able to give to the character, the one that struck the spectators the most is undoubtedly her gaze, used by the skilled player to intimidate opponents, full of determination but also of insecurities typical of adolescence. It can also be understood from the numerous portraits and tributes that fans have dedicated to what has probably already become a cult character in the world of cinema. This Mash celebrates Beth Harmon's most effective illustrations of the character in all possible styles.

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The Queen's Gambit Illustrations

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