Reddit vs Old Reddit

We love Reddit. It is a piece of Internet history and still retains the original anarchist spirit of the pioneers of the web that seems to have disappeared completely in other social networks. In 2014 the two founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian returned to the helm of Reddit and released a series of platform evolutions that paved the way for the legendary 2018 restyling. Huffman said new users were turned off from Reddit because it had looked like "dystopian Craigslist". The changes have turned Reddit from an esoteric maze into a website anyone can use. But this redesign has disappointed many Redditors who still prefer the old Reddit for both usability and spiritual reasons. Now with this mash we don't want to re-enter the controversy, but to discover people's tastes and create connections. So after two years of use, vote which of the two is your favorite Reddit!

Mash created by The Web Gang

Reddit vs Old Reddit

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